Visitors, tourists, and outdoorsmen think of Piedmont and the surrounding area as remaining remarkably beautiful and surprisingly 'pristine' in many ways. As our modern world continues to be more and more developed, our area can still boast of miles and miles of trees, clear streams and rivers, beautiful lakes, fresh air and solitude.
Live in Christ Church
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Bible Way Full Gospel Church
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Church of Christ
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Church of the Nazarene
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Clearwater United Baptist
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First Baptist Church
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Faith Christian Church
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Grace Lutheran Church (ELS)
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Harvest Baptist Church
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Mt. Olive Baptist Church
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Peach Tree General Baptist Church
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Second Baptist Church
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Shady Nook Missionary Baptist Church
St. Catherine of Siena Church
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Tabernacle Baptist Church
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United Baptist Church
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Trinity United Methodist Church
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United Pentecostal Church
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Victory Baptist Temple
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Piedmont is located in northwestern Wayne County in Southeast Missouri in the United States. The population was 1,977 at the 2010 census. A part of the Ozarks Foothills Region, Piedmont is located on the convergence of State Highways 34 and 49. Piedmont, transliterated as "foot of the mountain," is named for its geographic placement at the foot of Clark's Mountain, a 1424-foot summit approximately two miles north of the town.
Piedmont MO is the home of our annual Ozark Heritage Festival, Held on our beautiful Greenway that runs along side McKenzie Creek  we have local crafters, food vendors and a parade, this is the perfect "small town" event.
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